Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reflection on the 2010 Hobby Farm

Well, I slacked off on my blogging, which should be no surprise to anyone, but we did keep farming and gardening!

Reflecting on last year, I learned A LOT about farming and gardening. Some things went well, other things sucked for a variety of reasons, but overall we had tonnes of fun. (note: that's metric tonnes, not imperial)

The pigs were a blast, and they taste delicious. I sold half a pig to each of two teachers at my school, and we kept one for the freezer. It's rewarding and satisfying to have healthy food on the table.

Jen's chickens are still going strong, we get about 7-8 eggs everyday and I have been selling them at school as well as giving them away to all our friends and family. I'm going to make a quiche this week! We'll see how that turns out.

The garden enjoyed only limited success. We ate radishes, corn, zucchini, lettuce and a few tomatoes.

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